Monday, April 30, 2007

Prepare for Final Test

This Friday (5/4) we will be working in groups to assist in determining the questions for test Number 3 which you will have on Friday May 11th during the finals period.. This test is on S2:U4, S2:U5, S2:U6, and S2:U7.

To get ready for the test you need to do the following:

* Prepare four(4) questions for each unit. This will be a total of 16.
* Bring these 16 questions to class on Friday, May 4th.
* You will meet in groups on the 4th and submit seven (7) questions per unit from each group that will be considered for the test. Each group needs to provide the questions complete with page references.
* Make sure you bring two copies of the individual questions for class on the 4th. There is a one (1) point deduction for each question you fail to bring in on that day.
* Use the previous sheet handed out in class for help in writing your questions.

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