Thursday, February 15, 2007

Online Learning as Communication

For Monday, Feb. 19th's class I have asked each of you to take some time to visit the web site for an online university. You received the link you need to check out in a seperate email.

For this class, you need to visit the site and observe a number of things about how this organization appraoches online learning.

Follow this procedure:

1) Visit the link you were assigned and not the following: name of the university, accrediting organization, who they are targeting as students, what programs they offer, is there a phrsical campus as well.

2) How they teach. Look around the site and see how they teach. What kind of communication do they use between learners and between the techer and the learner. Look for a link providing you with a tour of on online classroom and see what you find.

3) Is there anything on the site designed to assist the potential learners as to whether they are a good candidate for nline learning.

4) What kind of online communication skils do you think an online learner need?

Please come to class prepared to share what you fond with the rest of class.

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